Trying to estimate draws is something most punters will stay away from, unless you do the Football Pools of course.
We see it as a challenge and as this sites name suggests we will be betting on draws from various leagues across
the globe. The bets we use range from singles to perms and from half-time to full-time results. There is no magical formula
but we do start with a certain standard that looks at an away team that has a good current away record coupled with certain
cycles then we take it from there. Our bets are published as we see fit and our betting records are also listed so you can see
how we are getting along. It's a tough road to take but we see it as a challenge and hopefully with a bit of fun along the way
so pop in from time to time and see how we are doing!

Various Draw Bets That We Like To Use

One of our favourite bets is to perm doubles into 5 selections making 10 bets. With the average odds of 11/5 in the UK it means
that a single double will return a profit, be it a small one. It also gives you the range to add in unlikely looking draws. ?
We are also warming towards correct score draws. As the majority of draws fall into the 0-0, 1-1 bracket these can expand your
returns especially on leagues such as Serie A and B where the odds on the straight draw can struggle to reach 2/1.
?Betting on the draw at half-time is another bet that we take into analysis. Odds of just over evens make it worth having a go. ?